Welcome to my page!

Looking for something special and unique for a loved one or that “certain something” for your interior design? Or for whatever you choose; You will never regret to have appointed a professional pencil drawing with me! As you can see I put a lot of emphasis on quality and fidelity to detail.

Pencil drawings are over the centuries always the center of admiration and respect have been and always will remain, because they spring from a gift that not everyone has.
And in this sense, I am pleased to present my unique drawings and remain with a friendly greeting.


Already at a young age I devoted myself to art in its diverse expressions and discovered later by the sister of my friend’s fascination for drawing. I was so very impressed by her knowledge so that I myself started it, to specialize in pencil drawings. I’ll never forget this crucial moment, when I saw one of her drawings for the first time!
Over the years pass, the technique and the love has increased more and more to detail and I am pleased to be able to inspire many people with my art world today and to inspire them for new steps and goals.

My goal is not, however, one day mean something. I would like to emphasize that I am not a fan of abstract art, because there is almost everything revolves around money and the artist, not the art itself. Unfortunately, today the artist’s personality and his name is made about his art, which should never happen, because art is timeless, but not its creator. Therefore, art is not made, it is already here. Not the time it matures, but talent and beauty.
The owner will not bring more, if his place is run down, because it is not maintained and can be found there rats his name. The proof of this fraud is often found on 6-digit price tags, which can be seen under paintings, which can be easily surpassed by monkeys or school children or mentally disabled persons to creativity and beauty, among others.

What is art? And where is the limit? The man puts himself and the immoral it becomes, the more absurd and morbid his art.

The World As Seen Through My Eyes